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Simple photo editing for computers

PC Image Editor edits your photos for you and enables you to create slideshows, gifs, and more. This free software is very simplistic and easy to use for newcomers to picture editing. It has only a few features which are normal for a free version of the app but carries all you need for basic changes to the images.

Keeping it simple and free

At first glance, it seems a bit old, and yes it is. Designed by Program4Pc, in 2012, this software has withstood the test of time. Although it never gained much popularity, it has remained in the field with regular updates.

One may wonder what is different about this application vs all the other image editing softwares in the world. This one mainly stands out for its simplicity. The goal of it has always been to be very newbie-friendly.

More veteran photographers might want to skip PC Image Editor, but anyone who is just beginning should consider this program. Although it does not have much fame, there are hidden gems to be discovered within it.

How can I use PC Image Editor?

Downloading PC Image Editor is quite simple, and the installation process follows the same tactic. There is nothing hidden in the process which is quite nice. Once you open it, you are greeted with a simple interface.

There are six main functions: Edit photo, Make Gif, convert image, capture screen, make slideshow, video to image. Honestly, the design is pretty old style and unattractive, but it doesn’t need to be special, as you know everything that you will need to about what does what.

The most important tool, edit photo, is quite easy to use. At the bottom of the screen, all the adjustments like brightness and cropping are laid out. While it does not have many of the advanced tools that come with other free software like Gimp, it carries enough to do basic editing, not to mention the other functions it comes with.

The main problem of the way the interface works is that you have to switch to totally different sections of the app to use any of the other tools. This is inconvenient, and the load time to switch between tabs is quite long.

Saving in different file formats is possible with this app. It carries all the basic options like JPG, PNG, BMP and more.

What are the limitations and bugs?

The main problem with PC Image Editor is the slowness of its load time. It will take a good ten seconds to do anything. Opening up a new picture or saving an edited image could not be any slower. If you are in a time crunch this software will frustrate you.

There aren’t any other big bugs other than occasional crashes. It runs on all versions of Windows, even the older ones like XP and Vista. Windows 10 as well can perfectly handle it.

There are no good advanced editing options like editing filters or saving filters which can be found in Photoscape. Finally, the paid version of the app is very unappealing as an upgrade with so many better options available like Photoshop.

What is the best free image editing software for PC?

Gimp is by far the best editor for pictures. It is crowdsourced meaning it is constantly getting updated by the users. However, it is complicated to use and requires a steep learning curve. If you are looking for simple editing, Image Editor would be better, but for something beyond that Gimp would be a good option.

Another choice could be Ashampoo Photo Optimizer 2019. It provides quick and easy optimization for free. Its interface is much more modern and easier to use. Also, the tools it provides are much more advanced. Overall, it is a better version of PC Image Editor.

If you would like to work in your browser Canva is a good option. Not only are you able to do your work in the browser, but it is quite simple. It has more tools available than PC, but it is more limited than Ashampoo. The cloud storage is useful, as you will be able to work on your phone as well with the app.

A little too simple

When compared to other easy editing programs or paid programs, PC Image Editor falls short unfortunately. It does not have the utility needed to keep up with professional programs. Although it might be useful as a gateway app to photo editing, it might be wiser to start on a more modern program that will keep improving.

The PC Image Editor is designed to be easy to use and user friendly. It is a product for amateurs and professionals (who are in a hurry). This highly intuitive piece of software supports a high variety of formats which allows you to edit a vast number of images and save it in any format you want.
The PC Image Editor is equipped with the usual set of file operations together with some of the slightly higher level editing options & adjust colors in photos; and apply filters if you ever want to do a hands on job in customizing your images.

- Import and export various graphic formats, including BMP, GIF, JPG, TIFF, PCX, PNG, TGA, J2K, WMF, EMF, and RAS.
- Apply 15 filters such as Blur, Sharp, Add Noise, Diffuse, Mosaic, Twirl, Emboss, and etc.
- Add image effects such as Rotate 90°, 180° and Arbitrary, Flip Horizontal and Vertical, Perspective, Skew, and etc.
- With 11 adjustment commands such as Auto Levels, Auto Contrast, Brightness, Contrast, Gamma Channel, Hue, Saturation, RGB Channel, Invert, Colorize, and etc.
- Supporting Scanner to bring paper-documents directly scanned and ready to use.
- Print images with full functionality and keep them for your archive, showing to friends or colleagues.
- Also ability to increase or decrease the image dimension, which is called Image Resizing with lots of pre-defined and standard sizes, or have your own custom size.


  • Simple to use
  • Variety of tools available


  • Extremely slow to use
  • Lack of excellent filters
  • Lacks the usual features provided now

Program available in other languages

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